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Targeted Medication Review

Your Health & Medication, Simplified

Let's take a deep dive into your health, providing you with actionable recommendations to streamline your medication regimen and meet your health goals.

woman confused about her medications

Are you confused about your medications?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the amount of pills you take? Wish you could take less? 

Have you tried multiple medications that just don't work for you?


Do you feel like your voice isn't being heard by your healthcare providers? 

This is for you. 


You deserve better. Streamline your medication regimen. Gain clarity. Get a professional advocate in your corner. 


Your Targeted Medication Review Includes:

3 Consultations

Meet with the Pharmacist one-to-one, from the privacy and comfort of your own home. This service involves three virtual visits.

Health Report

The in-depth report generated will be targeted towards you or your doctor. It provides actionable recommendations to achieve your health goals. 


This service includes advocacy and facilitation of necessary prescription(s) with your Doctor(s), pharmacy and care team 

In certain cases, pharmacogenetic testing may be recommended for you. This is not mandatory but can be very helpful. This is an additional cost that may be covered by health insurance.

What You Can Expect


Duration: 45 minutes

  • Review your medical and medication history, explore your health goals, lifestyle, and motivations. 

  • We’ll carefully analyze your regimen for any potential drug-induced nutrient depletions, drug interactions, and identify areas where you can streamline or reduce.



Duration: 30 minutes

  • Together, we'll review your personalized report and discuss how to implement the recommendations. 



Duration: 30 minutes

  • We’ll bring it all home! This time is dedicated to ensure strategies implemented are working well for you. We'll provide any additional tweaks or support you need to ensure long-lasting success.


  • Developed based on your initial assessment. 

  • Based on your unique circumstance, this will either be tailored to you as the end user, providing strategies to streamline your medications and achieve your health goals, OR to your doctor(s) to advocate for you in suggested prescription changes we have agreed upon together

VALUE: > $650 value
Cost: $395 + HST 

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