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A Pharmacist Coach, you ask? What's that?!

You may be wondering, what makes working with you different than working with my own pharmacist?

Let's dive into that, shall we?

  • I work for YOU, not the pharmacy.

I don't have distractions like phones ringing off the hook or a line up of patients in front of me (.. is it ready yet?!). I am not obligated to fill hundreds of prescriptions per day. I serve you, my client and patient, and only you.

Pharmacies get paid to (guess what?) dispense medications! Even government-covered services delivered by pharmacists (like Meds Check, here in Ontario) are paid to the pharmacy, not the pharmacist. Guess who pays the pharmacist? The pharmacy! See where the potential conflict lies?

I help you to identify and achieve your own health goals. You don't need to visit me at the pharmacy. I meet you where ever you may be, virtually. This is a very personal approach.

  • I take a HOLISTIC approach to your health.

Yes, we'll tackle your meds. Of course! I'm a Pharmacist, that's my wheelhouse.

However, you are not a sum of your medications. You are a whole person. There are many factors that influence your health.

We'll look at you body and your life in a holistic way, taking into account things like stress, sleep, mental wellbeing, nutrition, hydration, movement, etc. We'll analyze what could be causing or contributing to your symptoms. You will get simple strategies you can implement into your life to help set you up for success.

  • I love to see my patients REDUCE their medication use.

Yes, many people see pharmacists as "dispensers of medications" or "pill pushers".

Well, the thing that brings me the most joy is when we can actually reduce medication use.

I work with my clients to do this in 2 ways,

  1. Targeted Medication Review: Here we take a deep dive into your medical history, looking at all current symptoms or chronic diseases, prescriptions, vitamins and supplements, over-the-counter products, and lifestyle strategies you use to keep healthy. Our main goal is to streamline your regimen, get you the biggest bang for your buck while you reach towards your health goals. You may be taking things that are duplications, not effective, or potentially dangerous with long term risks or causing side effects. You will get a full report including specific recommendations to implement and share with your health team.

  2. Deprescribing Coaching: I work with patients on a longer term basis (typically 3+ months) to taper off medications that are no longer right for them. Most medications that I work with patients to deprescribe cause tolerance or withdrawal. (Stay tuned for a blog on that!). Some examples are proton-pump inhibitors (also known as PPIs, like Losec or Nexium), benzodiazepines (like Ativan or Xanax), and sleeping meds (like Imovane). By using a personalized approach to taper, lifestyle strategies to set you up for success without your medication, and professional guidance every step of the way, we will help to reduce (or get off) your medication, easily!

Interested to learn more about my approach?

Book a free discovery call!

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