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Provider Referrals

In helping your patients to optimize, streamline, and reduce medication use, we also save time and energy in your practice.


You can think of us as your ad-hoc independent clinical Pharmacist supporting your practice with medication-related consults. 

Feeling a time crunch in your practice?


Coming up against increasingly complex patients? 

Are you (and your patients) frustrated with the trial & error of mental health treatments? 

Have patients on a risky med (like a benzo, opioid, or sleeping pill) that would be better off without it - but just can't get them there? 

Let us help save you time and energy.

Allow us to do the heavy lifting on complicated medication regimens or difficult-to-stop medications. We provide a clear path to medication changes to improve health outcomes and are sure to always close the loop within their circle of care. 

Our Solutions are evidence-informed and patient-centred. 

  • In-depth medication reviews for medically complex patients. Reduce pill burden and polypharmacy, identify drug-related causes of symptoms, address pharmacotherapy issues, and more. 

  • Deprescribing with professional, hands-on support. Prescribing support with individualized and patient-informed tapering plans. 

  • Precision medicine, utilizing pharmacogenomics (PGx) in a meaningful way. Interpretation and application to the patient. 

Patients We Help




  • Patients not on the RIGHT therapy. They may be experiencing side effects, at risk of harms, or treatment(s) are not effective. 

  • Patients who would benefit from pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing, including application and interpretation to the patient. PGx testing has been proven to save time getting people on the right medication sooner, reduce side effects, and improve health outcomes. Our report translates this information into a relevant, actionable for the patient.



  • For patients on multiple medications (including over-the-counter products, natural health products, etc.), potentially from multiple prescribers or self-prescribed.

  • Patient may feel overwhelmed or not clear on goals of therapy.

  • Patients on many medications or experiencing "polypharmacy". Reduce pill burden, improve health outcomes, reduce risk of adverse drug events, hospitalizations, and death.



  • Patients on a medication no longer serving them, where risk currently outweighs the benefit. 

  • Patient feels “stuck” on the drug, experience rebound or withdrawal symptoms if they try to stop or reduce the dose. 

  • Medication classes appropriate for deprescribing may include: proton pump inhibitors (PPIs), domperidone for lactation, opioids, benzodiazepines, sleeping pills or sedatives, antidepressants and other psychotropic medications.

1. Send in a referral form via fax

This is our preferred means of taking referrals. Download and complete our referral form and send fax to 1-888-975-3609.

2. Connect patient directly

After getting consent from the patient, you may connect the patient to us directly via email at, and we will follow-up with them.

You may also provide the link for the patient to book a free discovery call at their convenience. 

We also provide tailored practice support to build seamless referrals.

Could you use patient handouts and EMR chart templates? We have various practice support tools depending on what works best for you. Connect with us to learn more. 

Get in Touch

Located in Toronto, ON.

Services provided virtually, wherever you are.

P: 647-224-9688

F: 888-975-3609

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