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Domperidone Weaning Program

For nursing parents who want to safely and effectively get off domperidone without the withdrawal symptoms
Woman sits with pill in hand, Domperidone
Been taking domperidone for breastfeeding but ready to come off?

Worried about potential withdrawal symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, depression, & heart palpitations?

Don't do it alone!

Get professional medical guidance every step of the way.
Postpartum mother sits by baby in crib looks stressed anxiey depression

Domperidone Weaning Lite Program

(for anyone taking 30-50 mg/day)

  • Individualized tapering plan 

  • Initial 45 min kick-start session

  • 1 x 30 min follow-up session as needed

  • Weekly touchpoints via email with resources, tools, and tips to help you stay on track​​

  • Weekly electronic symptom tracking 

  • Contact with your Doctor and care team (lactation consultant, etc.) as needed 

Duration: 3-6 weeks (if longer is needed, will move into the Premium Program)

Cost: $215

​Domperidone Weaning Premium Program

(for anyone taking >50 mg/day)

  • Everything included in the Lite program 

  • Additional weekly touchpoints and symptom tracking for the duration of your individualized program

  • An EXTRA 30 min follow-up sessions as needed throughout the program (includes a total of 2 x 30 min sessions) 

Duration: 8+ weeks (dependent on your personalized tapering protocol)

Cost: $295 

All services are provided virtually and available to residents anywhere in Canada.

Have questions? Book a free Discovery Call to see if this program is appropriate for you.​

Register by email at

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