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Ready to use 
less medication and feel healthier?

Get guidance and support to reach your health goals.
Optimize & streamline your regimen to work for you.
Reduce your medication use.
Get a professional in your corner who works for YOU!

Are you feeling confused or overwhelmed by the medications you take? Do you wish you could take less pills? 

Do you feel "stuck" using a risky medication, like a sleeping pill or benzodiazepine? Perhaps you have tried to stop on your own (or with your doctor), only to end up with withdrawal symptoms.


Have you tried multiple medications to help you feel better without success? 

Are you frustrated with the healthcare system and not getting the support you need from your current healthcare team? 

Get a clear path to feeling your best and the support you deserve.​
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Targeted Medication Review

Your Medication & Health, Simplified


Deprescribing Coaching Program

Safely and Effectively

Reduce Medication Use


Stacey D'Angelo Pharmacist


Hi! I’m Stacey. Allow me to introduce myself!

When I say I’m a Pharmacist, many people think ‘pill pusher’, right?! Well I’m the opposite of that.

Actually, one of the things that brings me the most joy as a pharmacist is helping patients REDUCE their medication use. 

I'm a Pharmacist Coach who helps patients who want to get off unnecessary, costly and sometimes dangerous medications to do so safely, so that they feel in control of their health again.

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Located in Toronto, ON.

Able to meet you virtually, wherever you are.

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